Creating a Certificate of Analysis

Quality Window has several methods for creating a Certificate of Analysis. One method involves creating an HTML template for the report layout and then modifying a script to produce it. This is explained in detail in the following articles: Creating Custom Reports in Quality Window and Certificat... [More]

Create Date or Time Variables

Although Quality Window allows for a Date and Time variable in V1 and V2, you can also add more Date and Time variables to your application as follows: For a Date variable, make sure the Type is Text, Length is 10 and for the property Units of Measure, enter:  DATE[yyyy-mm-dd] For a Time vari... [More]

A Directory of QW5 Modules

You may be wondering what all those extra programs are for that are in the QW50 directory.  Typically you would only use the QW.EXE and QWAdmin modules.  The additional modules were created to accomplish specific tasks.  They can be used to create custom interfaces for QW 5 applicatio... [More]

Why would You use Quality Window 5?

What would you use Quality Window 5 for [More]

How to Protect a Quality Window Variable

Setting the Required field to Protected is very useful for data that is brought into Quality Window automatically from a PLC, via RS232 or by using the Input File feature. To protected a Quality Window variable set the Required field to Protected in QWAdmin. This will prevent users ... [More]

Using QWBackup

 QWBackup is a utility program that can be used to archive Quality Window application templates. Backup Files From     The fully qualified path to the Quality Window application(s). Applications from multiple folders are allowed.  The wildcard... [More]

Runtime Error on Summary Screen

For Quality Window 5.0 builds prior to 767, the Summary screen will display a "runtime error 9: subscript out of range" error message if the template has the X-Axis field set to zero (0). This error has been resolved in Quality Window 5.0 build 767. To correct the error: Edit the template a... [More]

Using QWVersion

QWVersion collects and displays information on the files that are installed and used by Quality Window. The information displayed is very helpful to the technical support staff at Busitech by letting them know what version of the Quality Window modules have been installed on your computer. QWVer... [More]

Using the Sampling Plan feature in QW 5

The Variable Reference number, to the right of the variable name on the Add Screen, is a customizable method of indicating when data can or should be entered for each individual variable on the Add Screen.  This is a very useful feature to allow for an application to contain data with vary sam... [More]

Language Options for Quality Window 5

The base language for Quality Window is English but there are ways to tailor Quality Window Applications to better meet local language requirements.  The three main areas are: Base or support files Quality Window Application – Variable names Individual Variable Help files Let&rsqu... [More]